Les conseils municipaux d’Ifs et Debar en visite d’étude à Paris

http://www.alda-europe.eu/newSite/news_dett.php?id=2163   Ifs et Debar travaillent ensemble dans le cadre de la coopération Normandie-Macédoine depuis 2011 sur les sujets de jeunesse et ...
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Social Entrepreneurship Workshop

Association centre for susutainable Comunnity Development Debar with  YES Alumni association  at 23 .02.2017 held a  Social Entrepreneurship Workshop in Debar, ...
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Ambassadors Baily and Orav Accepted Letter From 84 Civic Organizations Demanding Postponing Elections Until Fulfilment of Urgent Reforms

Organizations demand support from international community for fulfilment of minimum conditions for “credible elections”: revision of the voters list, prevention ...
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“Grumbling Antigone” is performing in France

"Grumbling Antigone" organized by the students of high school in Debar and students of high school by city Ifs in ...
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Balkan Club

[fusion_text] Center for Development of Civil Resources in cooperation with Swiss National Youth Council (SYNC) organized the Balkan Club which was ...
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Wrold Bank will not finance the project!

Wrold Bank will not finance the project! Lukovo Pole Water Regulation and Renewable Energy Project http://www.worldbank.org/projects/P112730/lukovo-pole-water-regulation-renewable-energy-project?lang=en Out of these, 11 mammal species, 45 ...
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