Association ” Center for Sustainable Community Development ” in Debar is a voluntary , non-profit , non-governmental, non-partisan association of citizens , formed by free association of citizens to exercise , protect and align their interests and beliefs to promote civil society and local communities, and to perform the activities for promotion of moral values ​​, strengthening of inter-ethnic relations and economic development in the territory of Macedonia and abroad , and in accordance with the Constitution and law .

CSCD Believe that:

Every person has the potential to act as a citizen and advocate for his or her needs. Therefore, we create ways to strengthen and empower people in order for them to participate actively in the development of the societies they live in.

CSCD wants to improve any deficiencies occurred in Debar region by: identifying the main issues of interest by the local community and take actions to facilitate  and mediate the dialog between the parties and community

Vision of CSCD  

The vision of the organization is to increase the awareness of the organization profile among the constituencies and be recognized regionally.  This could be achieved through increasing the membership in national and international association and networks. Moreover the organization will invest in capacity building of its staff and increase its expertise by building a network of professionals to work with the organization

Mission of CSCD  

Identifying the main issues of interest by the local community and take action to improve any deficiencies occurred in Debar region and to facilitate and mediate the dialog between the parties and community.

The main program activities of CSCD

  • Research
  • Good governance
  • Protection of environment and promotion of cultural heritage
  • Youth activism
  • Lobbying

The main partners of the organisations are:

Local and central government,  Youth organisation, Donor based organisation,  Private based companies,


The activities and services of organisations are to achieve the following outcomes results:

  • Capacity building,
  • Sustainable development,
  •  Value promotion,
  •  Youth employment,
  •  Improvement of inter-ethnic relations


Human Resource Information
The organization has one President, assemble with all members, program manager 26 members and 12 volunteers. The organization hires experts and consultants on the contractual basis once there is a need for external help and if additional project have been awarded to the organization

Projects  2016

¨ Institutional strengthening of the association–CIVICA Moblilitas

¨ Cyber Angels– children safety on social networks and internet from misuse of personal data—FOOM, USAID

¨ Crossed heritageProgram for decentralized cooperation between Macedonia and Lower Normandy

¨ Encouraging participative democracy– EIDHR

¨ We deserve better —  FOOM

¨ Higher transparency of the local funds to civic organizations– FООМ, USAID

¨ Antigona, Trilingual drama– program ERAZMUS +


ResourcesOffice, Meeting room, IT equipment, internet, library. EU info Point..

ServicesConsultancies , training, logistic, expertise, translations ..

Actual Campaigns (2016)Protection of river Radika and NP Mavrovo, AJDE, We deceive better


  • Debar White book
  • Debar tourist map
  • Strategy for development of rural and mountain tourism In region of Desat Mountain
  • Methodology for increasing the local taxes in Municipalities
  • Analyze and recommendations about life environment in Debar region
  • Live green – guide book for fighting non regular urban development
  • Catalogue about culture heritage in French language
  • Vdieo CD—Cultural heritage of Debar in French language



Association ” Centre for Sustainable Community Development ” in Debar , acting on the territory, and organize the area of Debar Association in its operation can be expanded nationwide and can cooperate with organizations , associations , foundations and institutions , and to belong to associations at home and abroad in accordance with the Constitution and the Law of the Republic and the Constitution .