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Lukovo Pole Water Regulation and Renewable Energy Project

Out of these, 11 mammal species, 45 bird species, 2 am phibian and 13 reptile species found in the national park are on the list of Appendix II of the Bern Convention, thus signifying the importance of the site for the biodiversity protection. Moreover, the “Mavrovo” National Park is an Emerald site and a future Natura 2000 site.

Radika River is a pearl among the rivers of Macedonia. Radika River has pure, clear and cool water with dark green colour, which is result of the calcium carbonate in it. Radika River rises on 2200 meters above sea level on the spectacular Bistra Mountain. From its source to the mouth of the river in Debar Lake, Radika River is 67 km long.

The valley of Radika River is one of the most attractive and picturesque canyon valleys in our country. The canyon has been formed over millions of years, breaking through the mountain sides of Bistra and Stogovo in the East and Korab and Deshat in the west.

The canyon on the Radika River is truly enchanting with the clear mountain water, surrounded by thick vegetation, as well as with the abundance of trout fish, which lures the fishing lovers. The scientists have researched over 30 caves, 10 meters long, in the upper part of the Radika River. Outstanding with its beauty is the 500 meters long “Simka” Cave.

The Boskov Most HPP project is located in the Mavrovo National Park in
Macedonia (more than 80% of the project is located within the Park). The national park “Mavrovo” is one of the richest in biodiversity areas in the country. It is a home of 50 mammal species, including the wolf, brown bear, fox, wild cat, chamois and lynx, 129 bird species, 11 species of amphibians (out of total 15 species found on the territory of the entire country), 24 species of reptiles (out of 32 in the country) and 924 species of invertebrates.