Centre for Sustainable Community Development Debar supported by US Embasy  is starting to  implement a new project


ECO Drone Patrol

The main goal of the project is : Encourage environmental improvement in land, rivers Black Drin,
Radika and Debar lake, air,


and public green areas through digital transformation and
the production of digital and physical media reporting on local pollution and its

1. Use Eco Drone patrols and footage to produce a minimum of five storytelling
videos to be promoted throughout the municipality;
2. Promote Eco Drone patrol footage and storytelling videos through the use of social
media, our organizational website, our application, and community events, making
weekly and monthly communications materials serving as calls to action throughout
the municipality;
3. Promote the Eco Drone Project and its related storytelling products through
planning, organizing, and hosting a minimum of four community clean-up events. To
prepare these events, we will host a minimum of one public presentation event per
clean-up, aiming for twenty attendees at each;
4. Host an additional six presentations and promotion events at six local schools with
the aim of attracting youth volunteers and their families to participate in clean-up

5. Track the success of clean-up events by weighing and documenting the amount of
trash and litter gathered during each event and producing a minimum of one
storytelling “before and after” video highlighting the success of the project and
galvanizing further actions in the community;
6. Identify and target a minimum of five local “wild” landfills, tracking pollution and liter
through bi-weekly Eco Drone Patrols of all five landfills throughout the 10-month
period of this project; and
7. Promote long-term action on the issue of pollution prevention through the
identification and securing of potential municipal and civic partners, developing a
Memorandum of Cooperation formalizing our partnership and the mutual interest and
engagement of these parties in promotion and sustainability of this project and its