111Seven participants from Macedonia sent by CSCD participated at nine days youth exchange of Erasmus+ in Illora, Granada, Spain. The project was called The Challenge and was held from 4th till 12th of July, 2017.

The aims of the project were to prepare young people from Macedonia, Romania and Spain who want to immigrate to other countries in search of work (or studies) and do not know how to face the new situation (socially and emotionally). They created simulations of real life situations for training purposes, facing participants with a plausible reality. Encouraging the process of reflection on the lived situations, to analyse and assimilate properly. To reinforce this process they had workshops and discussions to help us better understanding of the situations that give us new tools to deal with.

Participants were able to promote social and cultural integration of migrants in their host environment, while encouraging sharing their own culture also to deal with real life situations in the context of emigration.

Part of the program of the hosting NGO eSEvents was a visit trip in to the great city of Granada where the participants had the opportunity to visit the city learn about local culture and the shinning past of Andalusian history.

The project was successful, the participants were pleased gaining knowledge and having fun. They strongly recommend to our youth people to learn and participate to Erasmus + programs.